Computer, Tablet and Cell Phone Troubleshooting, Installation, Updating, and Use Training

Is Your Computer or Tablet Broken, Or Won’t Start? No Stress,
Pen Excellence Have The Exact Solutions You Need

Pen Excellence will help you backup your data, get your device running at it’s fastest and sharpest, and provide you with the training necessary to use your devices; giving you satisfaction and peace of mind.

We Supply the Following Excellent Quality Services For The Smooth Operations Of Your Windows, Mac & All Operating Systems (OS):

  • Computer Upgrade and Update
  • Operating Systems (OS Update)
  • Data Restore and Backup
  • Computer Maintenance Services
  • Computer Tutoring/Training
  • Software Installations and Upgrade
  • Anti-Virus Installation/Virus Removal/Cleaning
  • Troubleshooting and Networking Support
  • Memory/RAM Upgrade

Cell Phone Acting Up? No Headache, Pen Excellence is Here To Your Rescue.

We are the solution for the most common cell phone problems and more. We apply knowledge, commitment and excellent service to solve the following cell phone problems:

  • Your Phone is Responding Slowly
  • Your Phone is Overheating
  • Your Screen Freezes
  • Apps Not Downloading
  • Damaged Charging Port
  • Your Battery Doesn’t Seem to Hold Up
  • You’ve Filled Up Your Storage Space
  • App Crashes/Freezes
  • MicroSD Card Does Not Work

We Solve Common iPhone problems:

  • Issues to Connect to Bluetooth and Wifi
  • iPhone Overheats
  • Unable to Connect to the App Store
  • Home Button Does Not Respond

We Solve Common Android Problems:

  • Google Play Store Does Not Download Apps
  • Wifi
  • Unsent Messages
  • Google Play Store Crashes
  • Bluetooth and Connectivity Issues
  • Synchronization Failures