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We Will Excellently Partner With You In Crafting Your Unique And Persuasive Message, For Your Book And Poetry Writing And Editing

We truly care about your message and its impact, just like you do. So, we will articulate your purpose to your target audiences with writing where each word, sentence, and paragraph is masterfully crafted in detail, to collectively deliver your success.


Our Services

To craft your unique and persuasive message, let us partner with you in your book and poetry writing and editing.

  • Book Proposal Consultation
  • Book Proposal Writing
  • Book Query Critique
  • Book Query writing
  • Children Book Writing (Advance against royalties)
  • Children Book writing (Work for hire)
  • Content Editing (Scholary)
  • Content Editing (Textbook)
  • Content Editing (Trade)
  • Fiction Book Writing
  • Ghostwriting (As told to)
  • Ghostwriting (No Credit)
  • Indexing
  • Manuscript Evaluation & Critiques
  • Nonfiction Book Writing (Collaborative)
  • Novel Synopsis (General)
  • Proofreading
  • Research for Writers or Book Publishers
  • Rewriting
  • Translation (Poetry)
  • Translation (Nonfiction)
  • Research writing

We Can’t Wait To Delight You.

For more information about our writing, consulting, and Motivational Coaching Services, contact our team. We are always ready and willing to assist you.