This Great United States Women’s National Team Have A Cheerleader For A Head Coach!

The great United States Women National Team (USWNT) currently at the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand, don’t have a Head Coach, they have a Cheerleader, instead.

The USWNT have been dominating or being a title contender in the sport of senior women’s international Soccer since the inception of the Women’s World Cup. They have won more titles, or gold medals when you also consider the Olympics, than any other nation. The USWNT started, rise and now stand as the cream of the crop. The US has assembled the most talented team in some areas, if not all around, for this tournament. The ability has been there, and still is.

This bodes well for a third straight championship. However, the man in charge, his approach is not to have a commanding influence in leading these ladies. His, is to celebrate them, merely being their cheerleader. Vlatko Andonovski took the job as the USWNT Head Coach, but it’s like he said to himself, I don’t even have to coach, these girls are extremely good. He saw the quality, and whether he don’t have it in him, or due to lack of vision, or weak mindedness, he decided that he is not going let this be his team, implementing his philosophy and leadership to take the ladies to new heights. There is not much that is required of me to take this team to new levels. They are so established and excellent, that I will just see to it that they continue to win, by just doing what they on their own know so well. I don’t have to impose my mandate on them, just merely tell them my plan and support them, praise what they have been displaying. Just cheering them on. Don’t look to me! “Girls, I want you to go out there and continue to do what you have been doing.”

For this team, Andonovski put his feet down, but not the way he should, not as a true head coach. Many things have been said, but this is why the USWNT underwhelmed and end up with a disappointed bronze medal, at the postponed 2021 Olympics in Japan, his first major tournament in charge of the team. This is why the team hasn’t been impressive in their recent performances, inconsistent with the trend of dominance that they have established and maintained before. This is why our eyebrows are raised, as we see the surprise in his starting team selection, and substitutions thus far in this World Cup. This is why we see the palpable lack of confidence he displayed in our math against the Netherlands. Moreover, it is sad, as this will not stop, we will see worse, as this coach will cost our dearly beloved USWNT this World Cup. Surely, the other nations in international women’s soccer are indeed catching up, but our fate is made sour. As Andonovski has compounded matters with his simple and dull cheerleader stand as the man in charge of the group.

I first attained insight on this attitude of Andonovski, where during an interview in July 2022, he was asked about Alex Morgan, as making the case for her being the USWNT most essential player,  by Emma Hruby of Just Women’s Sports ( “She is a winner.” She knows how to win big games. She knows how to perform in big games. She’s done it before. She won World Cups, she’s won an Olympics, she’s won big tournaments. That doesn’t come overnight.” The USWNT head coach said. Now, I know you thinking, what’s wrong with that? Now listen, I am intuitive person, I didn’t ask for it, I am, and I recognized that I am. When I was reading what he said, the alarm bells went off, and it hit me that the coach was a fraud. I embraced my intuition, and right there I knew it, I realized he didn’t mandate himself as the head coach, in the true sense of it. Looking at Alex Morgan’s quality and accolades, and believing he doesn’t even have to coach her. That, this team full of world beaters, I don’t even have to coach them, just watch and support them. He is a cheerleader!

Henceforth, this wonderful USWNT team players got the potential to be coached and developed for a third consecutive women’s world cup title. Alex Morgan and company believe in themselves, and expecting to have a coach that can teach, enhance and carry them; to bring more out of them, to grow and fulfilled their destined glory. The problem is, they have someone seemingly leading them while believing that his followers can succeed without being actively influenced and impacted by their leader. Someone who believes they can do it all, always celebrating them, without even contributing the required and ideal management and inspiration for continued success and world glory.

Unbelievably, shockingly, disturbingly, the USWNT will not win this World Cup, because they don’t have a commanding manager, because they have a cheerleader for a head coach!

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